Saturday, November 17, 2007


I can see it in your eyes
What I know in my heart is true
That our love it has faded
Like the summer run through
So well walk down the shoreline
One last time together
Feel the wind blow our wanderin hearts
Like a feather
But who knows whats waiting
In the wings of time
Dry your eyes
We gotta go where we can shine

Dont be hiding in sorrow
Or clinging to the past
With your beauty so precious
And the season so fast
No matter how cold the horizon appear
Or how far the first night
When I held you near
You gotta rise from these ashes
Like a bird of flame
Step out of the shadow
Weve gotta go where we can shine

For all that we struggle
For all we pretend
It dont come down to nothing
Except love in the end
And ours is a road
That is strewn with goodbyes
But as it unfolds
As it all unwinds
Remember your soul is the one thing
You cant compromise
Take my hand
Were gonna go where we can shine

-David Gray

Friday, February 09, 2007

My Visual DNA!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Before I start I should say that this is to my very dear friend-
the one whose been there through so much joy and so much sorrow
and has stayed on like a rock. The one who shares with me this passion
for verse and love.

It is you who gives color to
an otherwise mundane walk home
or that tragic goodbye note to
A lover.

It is you who
Clears that lump in my throat
when people and things rise from the heart
and choke me.

You who appears in one expression-
One thought and a moment of revelation.
Without you I would have long merged
into the blue of solitude -
So ready with its fangs and
kisses that
bruise me each night.

You burn when I burn
Through you I become the o's and the i's
On the lips of those now
Far Away.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Two poems

Loose ended Conversations

A pause much like a full stop

Swings to touch the comma,

A few dots and a frantic search

For the eraser

Too late though.

The beginning of the verse

Has crawled out of the page.

It’s best to just sign anonymous

Than cause this heart breaking

Traffic jam.


You who seems to know a sigh from a smile

You who means nothing to me

Yet greets most graciously

You with a tall walk -

Humor me!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Party tonight!

In a little clearing within the bamboo growth of the forest, decorations ran high! Gold, blue and copper coloured streamers hung around on the tiny bamboo branches, smell of a carrot and apple cake, fresh and warm, emanated from around the table that stood in the center of the clearing, tiny pink and white candles were glowing with a tiny magic light around the edges of the table. By the far side, there stood another table with tiny glasses and a huge jar of cola and another jar of an orange drink, am guessing orange juice. Oh! and by the side of this table, on the earth lay a white crate of... yes ice creams! Am guessing chocolate icecreams, because the afternoon papers mentioned of a sudden acute shortage of chocolate flavoured icecream at the icecream factory of the jungle! All of a sudden, I heard a ball being bounced, I turned around and whom should I see, but Griz in a tiny red and white checked skirt and a bright red t shirt! She was grinning from ear to ear, if you have seen Griz grinning then wou'll know why one can't help but use that cliche 'ear to ear', for she does grin from ear to ear! Then there were the others too behind her, the rest of her jing-bang lot of friends. Hmm, and did I tell you, shiny, silvery letters tied with a string to form 'Happy Birthday', hung across the clearing. Princess Duck would be here any minute now and we were all set to wish her a very 'Happy Birthday'! Yippiiee, major celebrations will follow and we will make much merry and then Princess Duck will take us to the new place 'Yana's' for dinner, oh! what fun awaits!
Happy Birthday, dear Duck!

Monday, August 07, 2006

It's about puppy-face

Haven't I ever told you about puppy-face, i think they call him Ulky down at the factory. But I always call him puppy-face and when its really urgent its more like pups, but if you are addressing him you might as well call him Ulky, he's really shy when people get over-familiar with him. It happens to him often, especially when there are these girls, really sweet and cute ones who come fawning all over him, more often than not hoping to get a favour past him! He does them sometimes and sometimes he gets rather bored and escapes to the Labs. He has his computer down at the Labs and he takes on a different persona from there. Guess what, he is no longer the shy puppy-face that all know him as, he becomes Rhodes, the king of hearts! Its his cyber profile at one of the chat rooms as that of the dude who can get started with any girl in there! So he goes cyber-dating, haven't heard of it? Oh you aren't missing much at all if you have dates in the real world, but if you dont and badly want that extra zing in your life then you can be content with the cyber ones. They are quite harmless, much harmless than the real ones and requires a lot less effort, especially on the physical front. [Hmm, if you are one of those who've never cyber dated heres more _ To start with its a general chat room, where in you logon with a name, I guess I dont need to tell you that it can be your own or one taken on. Once you're in, you'll find general conversations in progress and for starting off, you could just join and contribute... just like how it happens at the factory canteen. Then going by the views exchanged or simply by the name itself, if you feel intrigued by any of the other participants, you could invite them to a private conversation. And once both of you are on good terms and willing to proceed further into this cyber relationship(!) you can go on dates by deciding the next time to logon together etc... I guess I dont need to tell you what all you might be wanting to share or not share at all with your cyber date, but its kinda fun! So if you haven't done it ever, you could just try it once, for experience sake, as they say!]

In between all this did I forget my hero puppy-face? Hmm, ok so puppy-face usually logged on as Rhodes and dated either Rose or Rumi or Pink or Tara or just hung around and chatted with the rest in the general chatroom. But what was most fun about puppy-face as Rhodes was that he had this huge backpack of confidence strapped on when he went in there and the things he said and the things he said he did were in stark contrast with the real puppy-face. To begin with he'd greet all with this huge amount of cheer and merry tone, totally unlike how he greeted us every morning, with a shy, can't-I-be-invisible-oh-u-spotted-me tone, that made him go all pink and sweaty. There's more... Oh but I think am telling you not the best things about puppy-face and drawing a not-so-neat picture of him. Somehow when you talk of someone's double self, they cease to be simple and hence they cease to be safe and hence they cease to be decent to know anymore. I wish I could tell you how nice it is to know puppy-face actually, he's this all helpful, all ears for your cribs kind of friend. I kind of depend on him because there aren't too many such folks down at the factory, and try my best to overlook his double self, hehehe. And you know what, he doesn't quite know that I know about Rhodes. So how did I find that out... psst its quite a secret. I might give it out someday, or maybe not, but first you promise me that you'll like puppy-face, otherwise am not gonna tell you more about him. :)


Friday, July 21, 2006

New Freckles

Sweetest Mary Anne
With a face like a pan
Loved and loved dearly too
One whom we know as Tan

But sad Mary Anne
Fought like a man
To forget her love
When loved another, our Tan

And today Mary Anne
Girlfriend and much loved by a Ivan
Hears of her old love
A heart-broken and shatterred Tan

Anxious Mary Anne
Cannot help her mind or her hand
As she sends to Tan an email
Consoling, exciting all at one

Self-stabbed Mary Anne
Sat on the lap of another man
Hoping for a reply someday
From her old flame Tan